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           "Get Hype"

Born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in East Point, Georgia, the Artist globally known as Dub Bulloh first began his music career professionally as "Double O". The name "Double O" derived from the year he began to take music serious-2000.

Dub Bulloh became a student of the music business and released his first professional recording in 2011.  Dub Bulloh (Double O) currently has 1 Album, 1 EP,  6 Singles and over 400,000 spins on two Pandora radio stations: Dub Bulloh Radio and Double O Radio.

Summer 2016 was a heated summer filled with police brutality and racial issues. In the midst of this, Dub Bulloh managed to get major live news coverage for his G.O.Y organization- watch the video on Youtube. This video also sparked a social media stir that got the attention of the Legendary Ms. Patti LaBelle and in mid 2017 he appears on her latest album cover: Bel Hommage

In mid 2017 Dub Bulloh began hosting his very own radio show “Turning Music Into Money” to educate and empower independent Artists:  Turning Music Into Money